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Cargo from companies, individuals (private persons) and associations to Africa, either by air freight or sea freight (LCL/less than container load and FCL/full containers) in both exports and imports and whether it was a small or large shipment. If necessary, we will guide you in making export papers for export customs clearance.

New service! Calculate the approximate price of air freight to Africa (shipment weight (kg) or dimensions of the package) .

Some of the destinations we cover:
Angola: Luanda
Benin: Porto-Novo
Congo: Kinshasa
Djibouti: Tadjoura
Egypt: Cairo
Eritrea: Asmara
Ethiopia: Addis Abeba
Gambia: Banjul
Ghana: Accra
Guinea: Conakry
Ivory Coast: Yamoussoukro
Kenya: Nairobi
Liberia: Monrovia
Libya: Tripoli
Malawi: Lilongwe
Mali: Bamako
Morocco: Rabat
Namibia: Windhoek
Niger: Niamey
Nigeria: Abuja
Senegal: Dakar
Sierra Leone: Freetown
Somalia: Mogadishu
South Africa: Cape Town
Sudan: Khartum
Tanzania: Dodoma
Togo: Lomé
Tunisia: Tunis
Uganda: Kampala
Zambia: Lusaka
Zimbabwe: Harare

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